Auto Check-in


What is Auto Check-in?

What is Auto Check-in?


Automated check-in is one of the travel-friendly features available on Trip38.

Most airlines allow you to check-in from your desktop browser or mobile. However, you have to remember to manually check-in when the option opens at least 48 hours before departure. The time may vary depending on the airline, which will then dispatch a boarding pass by email.

Boarding passes can be printed out at the self-serve kiosks if you haven’t had the time to take a printout before getting to the airport. You can also opt for mobile, in which case you will receive a bar-coded boarding pass on your mobile after you check-in and this needs to be shown at the security point and while boarding the aircraft.

All that is left to do for passengers is to drop off the hold baggage at the check-in counters once they reach the airport. If all you have is cabin baggage, your movement through the airport is that much quicker.


How Auto Check-in Works

A convenient way to use this service is through the automated check-in feature on the Trip38 app that is available on Android and iOS. It can be downloaded for free. You can send your flight ticket and hotel booking details to The app will give you the option to enable auto check-in. Once enabled, you will get your boarding passes at least 24 hours before departure on the mobile app and via email. This feature is available for over 50 domestic and international airlines.

By using the auto airline check-in service, you can save a lot of time at the airport by avoiding long queues and have your pick of good seats!

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