How to Check-in at Airports

Check-in times for flights vary according to the airline and airport. To make sure you reach on time, you can use Trip38, which ensures that you get all the important notifications related to your flight based on the information you submit. This includes the check-in timing notification.

After downloading the app, travellers can send an email with the flight ticket and hotel bookings to Trips added will be saved on your app and there is a separate notifications tab. You can also manually input the flight details by clicking on Add Flight Details. Once this is done, rest easy and let the app do all the work for you by sending the necessary reminders!

Once you receive the check-in timing notification, you can select a check-in process that is convenient for you. Below are the various options you can choose from:

Check-in Counters

This requires you to be at the airport to hand in your baggage that is not allowed into the cabin. You can collect your boarding passes here. You can also make enquires related to seats, upgrades, reservations and flight information at this counter.

Online Check-in

Quicker than the traditional check-in counters, online check-in allows you to confirm check-in on the web and print your own boarding pass. Depending on the airlines, you may also make seating choices and submit baggage details, and use a separate line on reaching the airport for the remaining process. You can check-in as early as 15 days prior to your flight or 24-hours but this depends on the carrier.

Mobile Check-in

This is similar to the online process and can be done on the airline’s website or a downloaded app on your mobile. You will then receive a boarding pass on your mobile or a barcode that can be scanned once you arrive at the airport.

Check-in Kiosk

These self-service touch screen kiosks allow you to check-in with relative ease and can be found at the check-in area of the airline you are flying. On confirming the flight information, it will print out the boarding pass and receipt.

By using a mobile app like Trip38 that sends you the check-in time notifications, you will be able to make sure your trip gets off to a smooth start!

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