Flight Status


Tracking Flight Status

Tracking Flight Status


A lot of details go into planning your travel from what to pack to how to make the most of your stay. If you miss one little detail, you could ruin your entire trip. Whether you are setting off for yet another business trip or your first big adventure, keeping track of all your travel details – flight, hotel or itinerary – is a necessary part of the journey.

A travel management app designed to take care of these needs can make life easier for you. With Trip38 app’s Flight Status feature you can access live updates of flights anywhere, anytime. It could be a friend you need to receive at an airport or a flight that you need to catch. Being able to check the flight status easily can help you manage your schedule better and get to the airport in time.


Get Real-Time Flight Status Updates

You can now get flight information on the go by simply downloading our free mobile app. By selecting ‘Flight Status’ on the app, you can access arrival and departure details of all the flights from your local airport. Trip38 will show you the airlines, city, time and whether the flights are en route, landed or scheduled.

You can also choose the ‘Track a Flight’ option to follow the status of a specific flight. On choosing this, you can further get the information you need through three options – by route, airport or flight number.

Get Real-Time Flight Status Notification

Missing a flight is every traveller’s nightmare. By utilizing travel technology that can provide a customized plan for your trip, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of travelling, and take off without a hitch.

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