Trip Sharing


How Trip Sharing works?

How Trip Sharing works?

> Tap on dropdown of the trip you want to share
> Choose what to share, whole itinerary or flight details?
> Add your contact. Hit Share!
> Stay Hassle-free

Why share your trip?

Apart from the obvious things to do while travelling like packing, getting your travel documents in order, and re-confirming reservations, there are a lot of other things you must take care of before you leave home. One of these is making sure your family has the right details with them.

Your family will be concerned about your safety and whereabouts. A quick and easy way to keep them notified is through the free travel app Trip38. You can start sharing trip details with your family by adding their contact details on Trip38 when you create your trip. Your family will be notified of your flight arrival and flight departure, as well as your travel itinerary and hotel details. In case of emergencies, they will know where to reach you.

This feature can also be used to inform colleagues and keep them updated about your travel plans.

By taking care of this, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free holiday!

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